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PropUtil question


Author Michael Bayne <mdb at go2net dot com>
Full name Michael Bayne <mdb at go2net dot com>
Date 2000-04-18 18:50:36 PDT
Message Howdy all (or just Brian if my suspicions are correct),

I'm interested in helping out on this project as I've had a hankering for
a better method for searching through my mail archives than grep for a
long time.

I grabbed the source, set everything all up and have run into one class
that I can't quite track down. Maybe it's not checked into CVS or maybe it
exists somewhere else: PropUtil.

For the archives, since it was non-trivial and I didn't see documentation
to this effect, here's what I had to set up to get everything running:

- Set up a mysql server (and create an account with appropriate
  permissions if you don't want to be using the root account)

- Set up Apache and JServ (or your favorite servlet engine)

- Get WebMacro and install and configure it for use with your servlet
  engine (http://www.webmacro.org)

- Install and get into your classpath (both for building and for the
  servlet engine):

  * The Java Mail framework
  * The Java Activation framework
  * The MM MySQL drivers
  * The GNU regexp package
  * The Sun 1.1 version of the collections package (or modify the source
    to reference the collections classes via the standard 1.2 package
    names like I did)

- Put the eyebrowse /src/java directory in the servlet engine's classpath

- Create the necessary mysql tables (using /src/sql/eyebrowse-create.sql)

- Edit the WebMacro.properties file to look for templates in the
  /src/webmacro directory

- Edit the servlet engine properties and map the servlets as described in
  the provided servlet.properties file

- Compile the source code and fire it all up!

That is about it (if I haven't forgotten anything). Then you can run the
command line tools to insert an mbox file into the system:

% java com.quiotix.eyebrowse.AddList (creates a new list)
% java com.quiotix.eyebrows​e.AddListFile (adds the mbox file to the list)
% java com.quiotix.eyebrows​e.UpdateList (processes the mbox file)

and this is all working peachily. I can view my list in the viewLists
servlet, but I can't browse it because I can't compile the browseList
servlet because I don't know from whence PropUtil cometh.

Any hints?

- mdb at go2net dot com /o)\ "Be careful what you wish for. You won't get it,
                 \(o/ but it never hurts to be careful."

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