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pls consider RDFDB backend


Author Dan Connolly <connolly at w3 dot org>
Full name Dan Connolly <connolly at w3 dot org>
Date 2000-08-18 09:23:06 PDT
Message Wow! This tigris stuff is cool!

I see:

"Eyebrowse has the following components:
     a mySQL database, which stores message index data (message data is
stored in standard mbox file format) "

Pls consider using RDFDB as the backend; I think it's
a more straightforward way to handle querieies like:

    Find all messages in threads involving
    both me and Joe.


    select ?msg1, ?subj, ?date from maildb where
        (rfc822:subject ?msg1 ?subj)
        (rfc822:date ?msg1 ?date)

        (sameThread ?msg1 ?msg2)
        (sameThread ?msg1 ?msg3)

        (toFromOrCC ?msg2 mailto:connolly at w3 dot org)
        (toFromOrCC ?msg2 mailto:joe at example dot org) </>

where (sameThread ?x ?y) means
(rfc822:references ?x ?y) or (rfc822:references ?y ?x)

see also

        Email Fields, an RDF Schema

extracting RDF from RFC822 formatted email Dan Connolly (Fri, Jul 14

        Internet mail message header format
        by D. J. Bernstein


vast volumes of email
May 18th 1998
Submitted by Jamie Zawinski <jwz at mozilla dot org> to Miscellaneous.

Sorry to be so terse... more details later, I hope...

Dan Connolly, W3C http://www.w3.org/Pe​ople/Connolly/

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pls consider RDFDB backend Dan Connolly <connolly at w3 dot org> Dan Connolly <connolly at w3 dot org> 2000-08-18 09:23:06 PDT
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