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more possible incompatibilities


Author Michael Salmon <ms at collab dot net>
Full name Michael Salmon <ms at collab dot net>
Date 2000-10-03 17:59:19 PDT
Message hi folks,
when going through eyebrowse i found that i ibm's jvm 1.1.8 does not
load properly the static main programs. An ExceptionInInitializerError
was being thrown when the static methods in ListMaint were being called.
It runs fine with a java2 vm though. I'll look into it more, but my hack
solution since we run jserv in the ibm 1.1.8 jvm is to have the static
calls (crons) called with the java2 vm. Is anyone familiar with this
"Any system that depends on reliability is unreliable." -- Nogg's Postulate

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more possible incompatibilities Michael Salmon <ms at collab dot net> Michael Salmon <ms at collab dot net> 2000-10-03 17:59:19 PDT
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