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Eyebrowse to-do


Author goetz
Full name Brian Goetz
Date 2000-10-24 17:35:16 PDT
Message Here are some items that you may want to address in Eyebrowse now that you
have it up and running.

1. Right now, it does no database connection pooling. You may want to add
this. Note that you will probably not be able to use the Turbine database
pool classes, because you need to pool not the connection, but the
EyebrowseDb object. (This is by design as the EyebrowseDb caches things
like prepared statements that are bound to the connection.) You'll need
some sort of general object pool class to do this. Before you do this, I'd
profile and see how expensive getting a MySQL connection is (compared to
other MySQL operations.) It might not be necessary.

2. Templates. The graphical layout is pretty bad (I can say this because
I did it) and could definitely be improved a lot.

3. Managing the DateRange table. Right now, there's no way for the
administrator to put new periods in the DateRange table, and loading them
up with the next ten years of dates is a bad idea because of the bug in the
MySQL range optimizer.

Brian Goetz
Quiotix Corporation
brian at quiotix dot com Tel: 650-843-1300 Fax: 650-324-8032


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