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Mbox-locking with readonly-filesystem


Author endremr
Full name Endre Rognerud
Date 2003-03-05 23:44:21 PST
Message Hi!

We have problems with the updating scripts/classes that propagates the
database with emails. The problem is that all our mbox-files is mounted in a
readonly filesystem. When Eyebrowse wants to parse an mbox-file, it tries to
write a lock-file in the same directory, but it's not allowed to write

Is this locking necesarry? The mbox-files will be updated by some other
scripts anyway...

# Class name for file locking implementation (class loaded at run-time)
# Default: org.tigris.eyebrowse​.io.FileLock

I wonder what the best way to solve this is. Should we write our own
FileLocking-class that does nothing, or should we write lock-files to
another directory?

Hope someone can give us an advice :)

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