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Author dlr
Full name Daniel Rall
Date 2002-04-26 12:31:25 PDT
Message I've just completed the addition of functionality which provides
localization of text resources in Java code. I've applied it to the
Eyebrowse core package. This ought to go a long way towards an
Eyebrowse which is usable across locales (en-US, ja, and ko currently
have the best support), and is a major step towards full I18N support.

This is a bigger step than I would generally consider between release
candidates, but I having L10N of Eyebrowse 1.1 ought to pay off big in
the long run. In light of this change, I'll be cutting another RC
before the final release.

I've also added Chris Dolan (cdolan) as a Developer -- he'll be
helping out by providing additional translations appropriated from the
SourceCast-specific resource bundles for Eyebrowse.

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Status dlr Daniel Rall 2002-04-26 12:31:25 PDT
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