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[OT] How to fill the mbox files


Author humberto
Full name Humberto Hernandez
Date 2002-12-18 10:59:53 PST
Message Finally, I was able to successflully run eyebrowse. But my problem is how to
get messages in it and I wanted to get an advise from you. We manage our
e-mail in NT with Exchange but I have eyebrowse installed in Linux. What I
was thinking is adding and removing users from the list manually (We don't
have many users).

To add messages in the list I can see these options:

Option one. Create an alias in /etc/aliases that redirects the messages to a
file. Would that file be in mbox format? Would I have locking problems?

Option two. Do the files in /var/mail have an mbox format? How can I receive
messages in them without creating a user for every list archive?

Does anyone have other suggestions?


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[OT] How to fill the mbox files humberto Humberto Hernandez 2002-12-18 10:59:53 PST
     Re: [OT] How to fill the mbox files aguenther Andreas Guenther 2002-12-18 11:41:35 PST
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