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Re: a basic vss2svn.py


Author offby1
Full name Eric Hanchrow
Date 2003-11-07 17:30:01 PST
Message I've tried revision 4 on our repository, and it always pukes while
generating the svn_dump file:

    starting revision with {'svn:log': 'fix bugs in collision checking', 'svn:author ': 'Meg', 'svn:date': '2003-10-28T22:48:54.000000Z'}
    Traceback (most recent call last):
      File "d:/cygwin/home/eric​h/vss2svn.py", line 404, in ?
        raise RuntimeError('cannot handle (type %s) (%s)(%s)' % (item.Type, rev_item.path, ver.Action))
    RuntimeError: cannot handle (type 0) ($/development/vhti​_internal/src/tabula​tion) (Checked in $/development/vhti_​internal/src/tabulat​ion)

I have no idea what the problem is (OK, I have an idea, but it's so
vague and ill-informed that I won't mention it unless somebody
actually wants to know). I know nothing about ActiveX, and hardly
anything about Subversion. Any suggestions as to how we can
investigate this?

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Re: a basic vss2svn.py offby1 Eric Hanchrow 2003-11-07 17:30:01 PST
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