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CVS update: eyebrowse TODO


Author commitlogger at hocus dot collab dot net
Full name commitlogger at hocus dot collab dot net
Date 2000-05-09 20:17:35 PDT
Message User: goetz
  Date: 00/05/09 20:17:35

  Added: . TODO
  Initial version
  Revision Changes Path
  1.1 eyebrowse/TODO
  Index: TODO
  There are lots of ways in which Eyebrowse could be improved.
   - Connection pooling. Currently, JDBC connections are not pooled across
     servlet invocations. While MySQL connections are reasonably lightweight,
     this would almost certainly reduce resource usage. This is made slightly
     more complicated as we need to pool the EyebrowseDb object, not the
     connection. This could be made easier by having EyebrowseDb implement
     java.sql.Connection (by delegation), and perhaps even writing a simple
     JDBC "driver" which dispenses Eyebrowse connections (since many pooling
     libraries want to know the JDBC getConnection parameters and obtain the
     connection by calling getConnection.)
   - Caching. The results of certain queries, such as getting all the messages
     in a particular date range (which will likely be executed by the same
     user several times as he browses the archive) could be cached.
   - Database upgrade. Bugs in the 3.22 MySQL range optimizer cause certain
     queries, especially those using date ranges, do a full table scan.
     When 3.23 is fully released, we should see a performance improvement, and
     then we can also get rid of the caching of the summarize-by-date query
     in the database, as this is likely to be error-prone. (It still might
     be sensible to cache the query results in the server, once caching is
   - Currently there is no way to manipulate the DateRange table except through

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CVS update: eyebrowse TODO commitlogger at hocus dot collab dot net commitlogger at hocus dot collab dot net 2000-05-09 20:17:35 PDT
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