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Re: [Issue 412] - Page listing seems backwards


Author davidu
Full name David A. Ulevitch
Date 2002-06-01 10:46:35 PDT
Message > http://eyebrowse.tig​ris.org/issues/show_​bug.cgi?id=412
> jrobbins at tigris dot org changed:
> What |Old Value |New Value
> ====================​====================​====================​====================​==> Status|NEW |RESOLVED
> --------------------​--------------------​--------------------​--------------------​--> Resolution| |LATER
> --------------------​--------------------​--------------------​--------------------​-->
> ------- Additional Comments From jrobbins at tigris dot org 2002-06-01 10:37
> ------- Actually the list order is reversed in the current version of
> Eyebrowse. We just have not had a chance to upgrade tigris.org to the
> latest version. It turns out that the upgrade will happen this week.
> I am going to close this issue as LATER because it is already
> resolved in a later version of the software. Please check back after
> Tuesday and let me know if you have any other comments.

Awesome, you guys rock!

Tigris rocks!

-davidu (member of binarycloud)

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Re: [Issue 412] - Page listing seems backwards davidu David A. Ulevitch 2002-06-01 10:46:35 PDT
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